Melly Myers

Lisa Opie
12 Серпня, 2023
Anna Pruska
4 Жовтня, 2023
Melly Myers has always been drawn to stage and film sets and got her first big acting job in a BBC children’s series. Since then, she’s extended her repertoire from thrillers and horrors to comedy and continues to conquer the hearts of British and international audiences with eccentric and memorable parts.
Melly, let’s talk about your acting career. In 2022, you were cast in five movies. How productive has 2023 been for you?

2023 has been a treat! I’ve been cast in my first lead role in a thriller called Mega Lightning. Did my first on-screen kiss, and with a woman, in Jack and Jill 3, and also wrapped on a pilot of an urban series called Burning Hands coming out next year. I also did my first official comedy called Film Festival, so this year has been good to me indeed!

You are working with Trending Travel. Tell us about your new projects.

I’ve just returned from 2 Virgin Cruises with them, which were incredible. These ships were the Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady. I’m blessed to have seen so many places in the past 2 months. Having just returned, I’m not sure what’s next on the horizon, but I enjoy working with them and look forward to seeing what the future brings! I used to think cruises were just for older people and married couples, but it really exceeded my expectations. Check out my Virgin highlights on Instagram and you will see why there so addictive!

Name the top five countries you recommend visiting, why are they interesting?

Tokyo, Japan; Ubud, Bali; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; Reykjavik, Iceland; San Francisco, USA. All of these places are so incredibly unique and authentic in their own way. The winding high hills of San Fran, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Where else will you find these things?

Name five places you dream of visiting.
Maldives, Kyoto in Japan, Peru, Cuba, Seychelles!

Are you a happy woman? What does female happiness mean to you?
I can say that I am a happy woman. But I am a woman, which means I’m never completely happy, haha! Female happiness to me means total confidence and believing in who you are and what you stand for. Being a woman is to support other women. To empower and inspire others. And to exceed expectations!

Model: @melly_myers_
Photographer: @dollhousephotographyuk
Hair/MUA:: @ixiona